Scrum Day London is a positive, open platform that seeks to engage new people and people we already know, who are looking to create better ways of working and solving complex problems for themselves and others.

Scrum Day London is a community event, an opportunity to join like-minded people who are ready to improve the world through shared values of community, learning, and service. A great place to network and be part of a network.

Scrum Day London is a powerful one day conference that features main-stage Inspirational keynote speakers from around the World, Workshops (academies) led by top Agile practitioners (experts) and leaders from across the private and public sectors, that tackle a range of topics, and also seeks to address many attendee-led issues through Q&As.

We are building a community that will: support you, inspire you, challenge you, help you be the kind of person you want to be, and most importantly, have a ton of fun creating new ideas!

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Bringing you super-talented individuals who have a story to tell about something creative they’ve worked on


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