A highly competent and ambitious, Enterprise Agile Transformation Lead & Coach. Certified ICAgile – Expert in Enterprise Coaching. Having gained over 15 years of repeated success working with different entities of organisations in order to enable them to embrace agility while facilitating growth at all levels of the organisation and ensuring the delivery of complex value-driven programmes.

I am passionate about delivering transformations and focusing on value driven outcomes. Working with Leadership is key to enabling transformational success. Having seen Agile been embraced from the ground up, and yet hitting blockers at leadership level, I am very passionate in supporting all leaders in enabling their servant leadership skills.

Having founded my own start-up in the EdTech sector, I understand the complexities associated with driving ambitious projects while motivating team members to deliver value-driven objectives. This was apparent in 2019, where I set-up Lingweezy – a 3D language and communication interactive platform – that stimulated learning through using AI technologies. To raise awareness, I leveraged networks within the education industry and on-boarded key stakeholders. I empowered developers to organise their workload with the key focus of delivering value-driven elements of MVP. This has led to me receiving the Rising Star Business Woman of the Year National award from Network Ireland.

I have an open-door approach which encourages open communication and transparency, improving productivity and team cohesiveness. My ability to think ‘outside-of-the-box’ and challenge the status quo has enabled me to think differently and apply critical thinking to propose alternative solutions that overcome any obstacle.

I possess an innate ability to support entities through transformations through training and encouraging knowledge sharing to facilitate independent and continuous learning. In addition, by facilitating large groups and training other stakeholders I enabled large scale collaboration, reflection and a seamless integration.

I pride myself in being able to leverage the collective intelligence of the teams I work with to develop innovative solutions to resolve complex problems.

Session Topic: Agility as a chocolate egg – how do you eat yours???

This session will thought provoking as we look at  what you may have to consider from an enterprise perspective when looking to increase flow and value at scale.

People are very strategic at how they eat their chocolate egg – they have reason whether they smash it open or crack it in half or break a piece off bit by bit. So to optimise flow we need to look at why and what we want to optimise.

When looking across large scale organisations, any break or change we make will have ripple effects. How people work together is how it all knits together. How do you actually group people together to maximise flow? How do you break down traditional functional silos – or can you?

Like crème eggs, you have to unpick the outer shell to get to the good stuff! This may lead to mess, more questions and a difficult clean up!


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