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Innovation for non-innovative ones


Bogoy is a co-founder of AgilePool Ltd, which partners with organizations to improve their processes, capabilities, and talent.  Bogoy is a seasoned Agile Coach, trainer, and presenter and he has over a decade of experience in Lean and Agile practices. He has worked with small, large, and global organizations in various industries to help them reach their goals through agility.  He is helping companies, individuals, and teams adopt an agile mindset and reach higher levels of performance, improving their morale and organizational culture. 
In addition, he organizes public training, workshops, and seminars to promote the practical application of Agile and Lean principles and values among the community.


Doing the Right things is even more important than doing the things right. And yes, every organization would benefit from having higher Agility, right? The problem comes when organizations are stuck in their comfort zone when businesses are running and we get in the never-ending-hamster wheel. Furthermore, we work with companies from various industries, e.g. Pharma & Healthcare, Gaming, and Banking. All these companies have enormous know-how and still, they are not innovating and competitors with much fewer data and experience are fastly outrunning them. In this session, we will tell a couple of real stories from our practice about how we can build-in innovation both culturally and practically in such non-innovative organizations. We will show the models and patterns of success, which we have extracted from our experience.

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We will tell real stories of our clients in various of industries. It’s important to show how the different business domains should be approached differently and how we need to do our homework first. We will illustrate with examples the problems in terms of innovation and new value proposition of the long-lived companies which have been already established and having ongoing business. Then we will tell the stories we have, including design-thinking workshops and additional practices, combined with traditional or adjusted agile ways of working. We will provide some models  and patterns of establishing such a transformation and becoming innovative. We will give real numbers and data coming from our experience showing the scale of the improvement. For instance, how new product releases speed increases from 2 years to 3 month

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