Rozemarijn Geelen


Rozemarijn Geelen


What’s your story?

What did you do to bounce back and grow?


Rozemarijn Geelen, non-verbal behavior specialist at Theater in Maatpak.
Rozemarijn is an experienced non-verbal behavior specialist. With her company ‘Theater in Maatpak’ (Theatre for business) Rozemarijn supports you to use authentic non-verbal behavior to boost your personal impact. Non-verbal behavior is an important aspect to make your agile work successful both in an online and offline environment. With a background in theatre, Rozemarijn helps to bring the agile framework to life. Using non-verbal behavior, she will give your insight into how to recognize behavior, how to make your own behavior impactful, and how to stay flexible in an agile environment.


During the pandemic we all faced it. All meetings online, video images of good and bad quality, connection problems, access problems, training and sessions online, while kids, pets and partners are in the same room.  During that time Rozemarijn and Evelien met online, attending each other’s workshops and training and learning about each other specialists and qualities.  We collaborated to bring our two professions together and learned from each other how to create the best engaging sessions. Rozemarijn from her experience as an actress and Evelien from her experience as a trainer.  We want to share that knowledge with you to create more engaging sessions, meetings, and events. We have come up with ten tips you can use online and in person that will help you to overgrow the challenges when doing sessions, building connections, and increasing personal engagement.  We will have to face it, there is a new way of working, but did you have the time to look back and think about what this means for your own life? We changed our way of working within a few days, and we are still experimenting with making the most out of these new opportunities.  In this session, we will take you on our journey to pave the path for your own story.

Learning outcomes:

Hands on tips on how to stay on the top of your game with personal engagement which you can start using tomorrow Real ways to connect both online and offline to make your working days more fun  Understanding the science behind personal engagement so you have failed proof way to make the most out of your interactions

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