Sam Adesoga


Sam Adesoga


Identifying Key Efficiency and Effectiveness Metrics in Scrum: Selecting and measuring metrics that truly reflect team performance


Sam is a dynamic Agile practitioner, Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer with

Sam’s first encounter with Scrum and Agile was in 2007; He has accumulated a lot of experience supporting organisations in delivering value to their Customers and Stakeholders.

Previous clients include Barclays, HSBC, BP, Ministry of Justice, UBS, Channel4, BBC Worldwide and a number of startups from around the world.

When not training, Sam works as an Enterprise Agile Coach where he supports organisations in adoption of Agile Frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban at the team level; in addition Sam coaches Leaders to create an environment that enhances the chances of success for the teams.

Agile Frameworks including the associated practices and tools are great but Sam’s mission is to contribute towards the creation of a world where leaders are intentional about creating a workplace allows people to be their authentic selves. A workplace that really cares about its customers and people are genuinely happy to continue solving complex business problems. 

Sam continues to train students from all over the world but has a commitment to train and mentor a minimum of 1000 people based in Africa on Scrum every calendar year.

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