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Some of the Topics Covered
Product Development

Collaboration and problem solving are more important than following a specific process or procedure. Because mechatronic issues span disciplines, service design, creatives and engineers will need to organize into the best teams. Furthermore, these teams should be empowered to pursue and resolve issues. How do you create products that delight the customer?

Scaling Scrum

Scrum is now being used around the World as a strategic framework to deliver complex software projects scale up your product development organisation and to transform your entire organisation. It is an opportunity to learn about Scrum and see what Scrum can do for you as a person, your team and your entire organisation. How can you scale up to many teams either co-located or distributed? What new ideas can you glean from our speaker’s experiences.

Engineering (DevOps)

XP (eXtreme Programming) is an Agile Engineering practice that focuses on technical excellence and Agile processes. Scrum Day London will provide a wonderful opportunity for CEO,s, CIOs, IT Directors, Managers and Techies to share ideas, experiences and exchange new practical knowledge on how to transform their organisation including the IT Department to a more Agile Operating Model. Engineering managers must derive new design-based metrics that measure the progress of well-engineered products.

Leadership and Organisational Transformation

What is Agile and Agility and how do you implement a transition to Agile and “WHY” given the cultural context in which we operate, our economic and financial challenges, operating models in the work place and our unique issues around customer services. Transformation is not only a strategic initiative, it must become a natural part of the daily DNA and practices in the Organisation. Agile is the new operating model for the 21st Century.

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