Ady Dike

Ady Dike is a delivery focused Enterprise Coach, IC Agile accredited trainer and Digital Transformation Lead, with 20 years experience of managing complex projects, and portfolios and multi-disciplinary teams across sectors within an iterative environment. Worked in a combination of strategic and operational roles for startups and established businesses able to build and develop high functioning teams and stakeholder engagement. Skilled Entreprise Architect and Leadership Agility coach, experienced in managing complex teams and leading organisational change. Customer focused, hands-on, flexible and love a challenge. Now leveraging skills and experience to support leaders, teams and organisations to win in executing their delivery pipeline and on their agile transformation journey.

Paper Summary.

Advances in technology and changing customer behaviour is shortening product life cycle and reducing company life spans.
What is becoming more apparent is that the only sustainable competitive advantage is now is the ability to learn faster than other competitors.. We know that organisations that learn faster tend to innovate faster, are more productive and they have shorter times to market.
The challenge for many companies is to understand what operating model or if you like organising principle, what way of working, will help them achieve this capability to learn as fast if not faster than their competitors
The presentation draws on my practical experience as an Entreprise and Leadership coach in leading agile transformations, and coaching teams and leaders.
It will share how organisations can unlock greater levels of Entreprise Agility by
•       driving leadership at scale
•       embracing a continuous improvement culture
•       adopting several redesign principles

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