Aina Alive
Aina Alive

Aina Alive is a Founder and a Consultant at Bee Agile, boutique consulting company, with 10 years of expertise of business transformation in different industries. She is also a member of Forbes Coaches Council. Aina is a Women in Tech Ambassador, a bestselling book author and a keynote speaker. She was featured in Yahoo Finance, Disruptor, Hauteliving, Women of the year 2022 Nominee, Finalist of Immigrant Entrepreneur of the year 2021 and 30 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021 by NYC Journal

Paper Summary.

Have you ever wondered why innovative organizational leaders and high-performing developers, product designers, UX specialists, etc. – who are otherwise excellent at what they do – are slow and hesitant to adopt Agile methodologies? Agile transformation is a hot topic right now, but many organizations rush the implementation process without pausing to assess and address foundational issues. The truth is, new hires or new Agile teams aren’t entirely convinced that Agile methodologies can support their expertise and simplify their day-to-day tasks. They perceive Agile transformation as “just another thing” their company is trying and are reluctant to commit. In this workshop, I’ll present a road map that will help agile practitioners and executives interested in agile transformation identify the root cause of resistance of new Agile teams and new hires. We’ll also look at the challenges Agile evangelists such as Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and POs face in implementing these methodologies. The goal is to get all Agile stakeholders aligned with a company’s or a product’s vision and reframe how Agile is seen and used by everyone involved. After this interactive presentation, Agile specialists, executives, and product owners will know exactly how to facilitate Agile transformations with a culture-first approach, supported by coaching, mentorship, and the right kind of accountability (avoiding micromanagement). The result? Teams who truly believe in the potential of Agile methodologies and continue to incrementally incorporate them in their work without resistance, thus accelerating their learning curve.

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