Artur Margonari
Artur Margonari
Agile Coach, Trainer & Facilitator

Artur is passionate about Agile and applies it daily in his personal life. He works as an Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator at InspirationOwl Belgium and has more than 7 years of experience. Because he has worked as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master in different departments (IT, business, HR, Payroll) and environments (banking, insurance, retail, software house, pharmaceutical, printing solutions, brewery), he has been able to learn more about the end to end flow, similarities and peculiarities throughout different companies and situations, keeping a 360° view. He invests his free time organizing the Agile conferences such as Agile Tour Brussels, Agile Consortium Belgium Conference (previously), meet-ups and trainings.His essence and way of life can be represented by Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” His hobbies & passions include guitar, ukulele & harmonica, archery, human being, martial arts, fast learning and traveling.

Paper Summary.

There are so many brilliant ideas, cases and stories out there that could inspire others, improve our way of working and living and eventually, changing the whole planet. Or simply something that must be presented in a meeting/workshop/meetup…
Still, many of these messages might never be heard or well understood. Maybe because of fear, stress, anxiety, shyness, assumptions… (you name it). Maybe there is not enough confidence and/or experience. Or simply by not knowing how to get started.

How to pass your message in a clear, engaging and efficient way?
How to use the agile mindset to improve your presentation skills or simply getting started in case you’ve never tried it before?
What are the pitfalls, tips and tricks to continuously improve your presentations?

Public speaking/presenting is a skill like many others: at the beginning, it can be very hard, we might feel clumsy and the killer thought might cross our minds “I’m not cut out for this”. But with smart practice, feedback and continuous improvement, anyone can get very good at it!

Thus, if you’ve never done a presentation in public and want to do it or already have done it and simply want to sharpen your skills, this session is for you!
It will be a good mix of theory + practice + feedback, in a safe space where we all can grow and develop our skills set!
All you need to bring is your eagerness to learn, practice and also support others in their learning during this evening together.
Let’s enjoy the journey of sharing your ideas and stories! 🙂

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