Chris Lukassen
Professional Agile Trainer

From coding real time operating systems to running 9 teams in a multi-million product development, from garage startups to global giants like TomTom and Saab, from utter failure to CES award winning products. Chris has a huge experience base to draw from when it comes to agile product management.
He is on a mission to learn people how they can create products in such a way that they can never imagine going back. In his latest book he looks at how the ways of the Samurai can make us better Product Owners.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: Product Leadership Lessons from the Samurai.

“To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person”.
This workshop offers insights for being successful at work, based on Eastern philosophies and martial arts, at the heart of which lies the right balance between reason and intuition.
Concepts such as purpose, overcoming resistance, efficiency, communication and the difference between intent and behaviour are the underlying principles of Eastern martial arts, but they can also be directly applied to modern agile (business)life.
This is crucial in the modern world with flat organisations, where leadership is expected at all levels but seldom given the training and insight to become skilled in this. Successful leadership no longer requires an effort – instead it becomes a state of being.

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