Christine Thompson
Agile Coach

Christine Thompson is an Agile Coach, a Team Coach and an Individual Coach. She works with teams to promote an Agile mindset, and a set of behaviours resulting from that mindset, which allows them to focus on delivering value whilst being responsive to change, in an environment that is inclusive, safe and challenging to all its members. She is an Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, a Certified Team Coach, accredited by the Scrum Alliance, and an NLP Master Coach, accredited by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Christine has a clear focus on people, coaching them to be the best they can and forming teams which are both effective and fun.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: Becoming Agile: Transitioning to Transformation.

We often talk about “Agile Transformation” but what does this actually mean? What does it take to ‘transform’ an organisation and why can this so often fail? In this session, we will focus on the difference between how we “do” Agile and how we can “be” Agile and how this translates to the whole organisation. We take a look at what is required at both the team and the management level in order for Agile to succeed. Drawing from learnings about culture from William Schneider, management theory from Douglas McGregor and, more recently, known Agile Transformation traps, from Michael Sahota, we start to understand the nature of the engagement needed from management to achieve success. We look at moving from single-team adoptions in a non-Agile organisation, to whole organisation transformation, with the necessary support from the management teams. Participants will leave the session with:
1) A clear understanding of the difference between Agile adoption and transformation and the ways of assessing each
2) An understanding of how organisational culture and management style influence the success of Agile
3) Some clear steps of how to move the organisation as a whole towards Agile transformation

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