Claire Donald
CP of Engineering @MOO.

CP of Engineering at MOO. Technical Leader and Coach with almost 20 years’ experience managing and leading IT teams using a variety of different methods. I have worked in a multitude of different environments, in both the private and public sector. I proactively lead change and inspire others, having a positive impact in the workplace, mentoring and coaching teams and individuals to be at their best along the way.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: MOOTopia – Adapting the Spotify Model at MOO.

I will share the journey MOO has been on over the last 24-36 months, implementing the Spotify Model as it scaled, then evolving it further to meet our needs. I will share our organisational design, mistakes we made and how we are adapting again to overcome, highlighting we still have work to do. I will also share my own personal journey as a Technology leader.

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