Evelien Roos
Agile Coach & Professional  Agile Trainer.

Evelien Acun-Roos is an experienced Agile Trainer at Xebia Academy, a Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org and certified trainer for Training From the Back of the Room. She has a profound knowledge of Agile and Scrum and knows how to transfer that to Teams, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners.

Paper Summary.

The power of personal engagement.

Two steps forward in professional scrum.

Come and explore the advantages of personal engagement. What makes a team thrive? How do you increase the maturity of a scrum team? What tools can you use to wake up from zombie scrum? In this session we will help you forward by using scientific principles and practical tools!

Do you want to understand how to increase your team’s engagement and help your team grow? Start with Personal engagement. In the Power of personal engagement we share how to increase personal engagement, we will provide you with tools to get everyone involved and we will help you gain insight in non-verbal behavior to increase your communication skills.

We will be combining brain science principles from ‘Training From the Back of the Room and the science behind non-verbal behavior to help you improve your personal impact and the engagement of your team.

We practice what we preach; expect an interactive talk full of exercises to keep you involved.

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