Kimberley Miller
Professional Agile Coach

Kimberley Miller is an expert in applying Agile Values and Principles to other areas beyond Software Development. Her career started in education, helping curriculum development teams adopt Scrum, then progressed into People Operations and Recruitment. She loves helping companies adopt an agile culture by treating their employees as users/customers and building a work experience that delights them. She is currently Principal Agile Coach over the Media Intelligence business unit at Meltwater.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: Turn HR into an EX (employee experience).

Demonstrate how you can use agile techniques and methods to create a unified employee experience team within your company in order to support your Agile Transformation.

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We regret to announce that due to the WHO declaring a global pandemic we have MOVED Scrum Day London to 13th August 2020

This is to...

1. Protect people, attending especially because of people traveling from different parts of the world to SDL 2020.

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