Oliver Szimmetat
Senior Security Engineer

Oliver currently manages the Cloud Security team at Uber Technologies, in Seattle, Washington. His team designs and implements security solutions for all of the company’s cloud services and assets, defines and implements security policies, monitors all of the systems, and provides design guidance. Prior to joining Uber, Oliver spent 18 years at Microsoft in a number of engineering management positions, working on the Windows operating system, Office Online, and Azure DevOps. He worked as an Agile coach and trainer and successfully completed multiple Agile transformations implementing both Scrum and Kanban.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: Continuous Improvement(Kaizen) & Cyber Security.

At UBER, the Cloud Security Engineering team is working on day-to-day operational tasks, that are managed using Kanban, as well as on longer term software engineering projects, which are following the Scrum model.One of the challenges we had to overcome was to establish a feedback channel between the two sub-teams, to help us identify improvement opportunities not just for each of the process flows, but also for our organization and our security posture overall.This talk discusses process improvements across teams, using data to prioritize improvements, and ways to implement Kaizen in the context of cyber security.

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