Patricia Kong

Patricia Kong is a well-known public speaker and mentor. She is the Product Owner of the Enterprise Agility Program which focuses on helping organizations thrive in a complex world. She also leads Learning Enablement at, helping individuals progress in their agile learning journeys. She created and launched the Partners in Principle Program. Patricia develops the Evidence-Based Management Framework for improving organizational agility as well the Nexus Framework for scaling Scrum. She is also a co-author of “The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum” published by Pearson.

Paper Summary.

Managers in organizations like to look at how their teams are performing. Traditional organizations often look at things like performance against plans to evaluate teams, but they need to ask themselves whether they are certain that the plans they develop will produce the results they desire, because plans can, and often are, wrong.
So, how can a team know whether they are performing effectively? Patricia will explain how using Evidence-Based Management, a Scrum Team’s performance can ultimately be measured by the value that they deliver to customers.

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