Ralph Jocham
Agile Coach and Trainer

Ralph started his career 1997 in Germany where he worked Siemens Medical Technology.
In 1998 he joined Oracle, UK, working on JDeveloper. Two years later he moved to the USA and consulted in NYC for Spherion. Ralph later relocated to San Jose to help Life, a leading biotech life science company, to transition to Agile. Early in 2007 he joined ThoughtWorks, as an agile coach. During that time his clients included, The Gap, LinkedIn, Google, and Roche. In late 2009 he moved to Bern and joined Zühlke to help kickstart their agile offerings.
Ralph is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Bern teaching an agile living case in the medical technology department.
Since 2010 Ralph is the first PST with Scrum.org in Europe.
In 2011 he founded effective agile. an agile coaching and training provider
Ralph has over 20 years of global (DE, UK, USA, CH) development experience in various technologies and blue chip business domains. Since 2000, when he came in contact with XP, Ralph considers himself as agile and ‘test infected’. He believes that state of the art development practices and a clear business value focus are crucial for the ROI.
In 2003 Ralph combined XP with Scrum. Since then he has been a Scrum evangelist. He is a CSM (2005), CSP (2008), PSM I & II (2009), PSPO I & II (2011), EBMgt Engagement Manager (2013) and Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org.
Before founding effective agile. he worked for Zühlke in Switzerland, ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, USA and Oracle in the UK.
You can read more about Ralph Jocham at www.effectiveagile.com

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