Sam Adesoga
Sam Adesoga

Sam is a Principal Agile Coach and Lead Trainer at ValueHut, an agile coaching and training consultancy, helping organisation explore agile ways of working. Sam has a lot of experience supporting Leaders and their Teams on Enterprise Agility with an overaching goal; helping organisations develop an Agile Mindset that is required to continue to stay ahead of competition and the markets.

Paper Summary.

Paper Title: Scaling Organizations with a Coaching Army.

In today’s complex development world where people are shifting to Agile development, organizations are taking the next step and searching for Scaling solutions. Organizations are on a journey to discover successful Agile Scaling frameworks that will deliver products to their customers faster. Every company works with various scaling models: SAF(e), Scrum@Scale, Nexus, Less, etc.; While models change, one piece of Agility does not. The success of scaling within any organization will be achieved through the assistance of experienced and effective Agile Coaches. Examining the challenges will show there are similarities between complex systems development and the Army operations. Both are dealing with uncertainty, complexity, preparation, and planning for success. However, if organizations and the Agile coaches within it are unified and ready, they can survive the VUCA World and scale in an efficient manner. Having Agile Coaches that have specific coaching styles, experience, and great mentoring and facilitation techniques is key to making your scaling model a success. Collaboration among Agile Coaches and what their Backlog consists of is key for the success of your organization.

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