Akaditi is an Agility (Agile) Services, Technology and Events Company Based in London (UK) and Accra (Ghana). We work closely with Scrum.org, ProKanban, Red Team Global, PMI Africa and many more global strategic partners.

What we do

We bring out the best in people and Organisations and we do it incredibly well using various Business Agility Techniques, Tools and Agile Practices such as Applied Critical Thinking (Red Teaming), Scrum, Kanban and XP. From the Board room to the Shop floor, we provide consulting, coaching, training and support on tooling, to help build your knowledge, capabilities, practices and your technology.
1. Agility (Agile) Services – We provide Consulting, Coaching, Training and Tooling.
2. Technology – We develop Software and technology Products for us, our Partners and Customers.
3. Events – We organise Agility, Tech and Agile Events in the UK & Africa to promote New Ways of Thinking, Leading and Working.


We take your idea and turn it into a POV (Proof of value) or POC (Proof of Concept) in our Soko Lab because we don’t believe in using Power Points, word, PDFs or any other documents to engage you.

•    POV / POC: We bring your idea to life using a POV. We help create your fully working Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that’s ready to drop into your customers smart phones or tablets. We are excited about Cloud, AWS, APIs, MicroServices, creating new platforms, laaS, PaaS, AaaS, SaaS, Open Source and other new and emerging technologies.

•    Speed to value / market: We help take your ideas to market really quickly so you can get valuable feedback from your workers and customers. You decide if you want to develop the idea further or bin it.

•    We own WorldSoko – A market facing Mobile Payment, Mobile Money and Mobile Commerce Company. We are creating a 21st Century Operating System for the African Market Place.

•    Akaditi.com, WorldSoko and Soko Lab live on the Akaditi.net platform.

Our Services

We provide solutions that guide your journey towards improving your agility and managing change:
We focus on what we call the Twin Towers of Change. Business and Technology Change.

  1. Agile Transformation (Consulting)
    a. Agility Snapshot b. Capabilities Spotlight and c. Guided Improvement . We start with a quick review of what you currently have in place (Health check).
  2. Kick off a new Team . Coach a single pilot team in fundamental Agile skills. We
    can help also help you scale up to many teams (SPS – Nexus+)
  3. Project Delivery
    We turn around a failing project or kick-start a new one. Assurance / Delivery.
  4. Scrum for Executives & Managers Enabling executives, directors and managers to understand their role in Organisational Agility. introduction to Agile & Scrum.


We organize and promote Scrum and Agile events in Africa and the UK,

  1. The No 1 Agile Conference in Africa www.agileinafrica.com. This event includes XP Day & Scrum Day Africa….A Scrum in the Sun Event
  2. Scrum Day London. www.scrumdaylondon.com in partnership with Scrum.org, ProKanban, Red Team Thinking Inc,
  3. We are promoting World Scrum Day – a global event to promote and connect people doing or interested in Scrum.

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