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Organisational Agility Coach / Red Team Thinking Practitioner / Process Optimiser / Enabler / Common Sense Agile / Product Owner of Scrum Day London, UK / Product Owner of Agile in Africa Conference / Founder of PACA (Professional Agile Certification – Africa / Organic Farmer / Land Rover Defender Builder / Philanthropist

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Nana is a highly qualified, and experienced hands-on Business Agility and Transformation Professional (Enabler /Practitioner). He is also an Agile Professional and a Red Team Thinking (RTT) Certified Practitioner (Red Team Leader) and a Professional Kanban Trainer (PKT) with over 20+ years in the field. He has had many roles throughout his career, including Project Manager, Senior Scrum Master, Product Owner, Trainer, Agile Coach, Senior Executive in the Public and Private sectors and more recently, working globally as a Business Agility and Transformation Coach. He challenges conventional thinking and the status quo, refusing to accept the idea of “this is how we’ve always done it or this is how it is or this is the only way”. He questions the unquestionable and thinks the unthinkable, he is by nature, a Red Team Thinker.

Nana started his professional life on the “shop floor” as a Project Manager and Management Consultant. He then made the switch to Development and Agile and his career has progressed all the way through to Programme Management. Later, he moved on to work at an Executive level in the Boardroom. In the Public sector he has worked at a Police Commissioner level serving as Adviser to five (5) Inspector General’s of Police on Transformation and also supported Immigration, Prisons and Fire Service (under National Security). In the Private Sector, he has served as a Chief Operating Officer (COO), Executive Vice President (EVP). Deputy CEO and a Business Owner, launching several tech start-ups, two consultancies and two major global Business and Technology Events in the UK and Ghana (Africa). He works as an Executive Coach, commonly working with C-suite leaders and managers at many organisations. He also loves inspiring and coaching teams on the shop floor.

Nana takes a pragmatic, common-sense approach to change, enabling organisations and Business and Technology teams (squads) to adopt innovative business solutions and agility practices. He supports organisations on making incremental (iterative) improvements to Business processes, systems, structures and culture, removing impediments, blockers, bottlenecks, constraints and addressing dependencies that gets in the way of strategy and business plan execution and the efficient management of operations. He asserts the position that most Agile Transformations fail because they simply add Agile Practices (with Agile Coaches and Trainers) without doing step 1, in depth Critical Thinking on their Vision and Strategy and step 2. they don’t work on their Organisational design, structure and culture (a systems approach). Agile Practices alone (step 3) does not give Organisational agility.

Nana’s approach enables Teams to quickly align their deliverables to the corporate vision, strategy, OKRs, business plans, and to the Enterprise Portfolio to deliver business value with minimal to zero waste at a good pace (velocity). He focuses on Critical Thinking and Flow to drive his strategic engagements.

He has a strong track record in several sectors such as B2B, B2C, B2G, B2E, Web services, e-Commerce, Aviation (Airline), Telecoms, Car manufacturing, Security Services (Police/National Security), Pharmaceutical & Medical Research, Finance (including Banking), Insurance, Loyalty, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Retail, FCMG, Media & Communication (including Broadcasting and Digital Media), Maps and Mapping, Mobile money, Mobile commerce, Corporate & Commercial markets; with extensive knowledge of business products, processes, structures and systems.

Nana’s Awards include British Petroleum (BP) Coaching Awards 2022 UK, Ghana Police Recognition Award Nov. 2019 Ghana, Top 200 CIOs Global Award 2019 in Dubai, KLM, Digital Scrum Studio 2019, a lifetime friend of KLM for exceptional transformation services between 2016 – 2019 in Holland, Ghana Police Service, CID Director Special Awards 2004 and many more awards. Nana is passionate about supporting and adopting Children in orphanages, he founded a charity Adinkrahene.Org to transform orphans into future leaders.

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