Allen Jellas

Leadership Development and Coach

Learn the Culture first, then Processes and Techniques

My name is Allen Jellas.

I’m creating an environment for the leaders and organizations to enable more agility within an organization while focusing on what is already working for them and building upon it.

I’m Educating and Coaching Agile Leaders since 2019. I’m an Accredited IC Agile instructor, providing Enterprise Agility Coaching and Coaching Agile Transition classes.

I’m a Certified Enterprise and Systemic Agile Coach providing guidance and coaching for the leaders, while making awareness about importance of the whole system, we are part of.

I’m holding different certification from IC Agile (ICP-CAT, ICP-ENT ICP-ACC, ICP-ATF, ICP-SYS) Agile Change Leadership Institute and Scrum Alliance (CAL 1, CSM, A-CSM, CSP-SM) I was speaking at Online Scrum Master Summit in June 2023, Online Product Tech Summit in August, and Scrum Day Europe in Amsterdam in December 2023.  

I’m a part of the Global AgileReflect community, where I was co-organizing Agile Reflect world-wide events in 2021 and 2022. I was speaking there covering topics about Agile Leadership, Organization Culture and Enabling Agility as a Capability.

I’m serving at Agile & Scrum network group at Danish-IT while in the same time supporting, guiding and coaching the new graduate students about their career choice and directions. I’m an owner of the Attitude Partnership a company providing Education, Coaching and Consultancy when required.

I’m developing my own coaching models, called V.A.L.U.E.  and B.A.L.A.N.C.E.

When I’m not really working, I’m experimenting with the food, biking around Copenhagen, and exploring the world.

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TOPIC: Learn the culture first, then the processes and Techniques


Intended audience (role, level of experience):

Leaders, Scrum masters, Product owners – advanced level

Type of talk (level of abstraction):

This will be a knowledge sharing talk, where we are focusing on why it is important to learn the organizational culture first and then focus on processes and techniques.

Summary of your paper:

Imagine your company has started a transformation and suddenly it hit the ceiling and wondering what just happened.  This is a usual challenge many organizations are facing because they might not be aware of importance of the culture first and how to align organization’s culture with the agile values.

During my session, I’ll share my two stories and learnings about why it is important to learn the culture first and then processes and techniques?

You’ll learn about difference between inside-out and outside-in approach.

You’ll get introduced a model to identify your current and desired organizational culture.

You’ll learn, why it is important to consider the whole system when working with organizational transformation and leadership.

This session is about my personal journey and learning how might we enable agility in the organization. I’m going to share my 2 real cases from a Scale-up FinTech Company and a large French Digital Automation & Energy Management company.

Three take aways of your paper:

How might we understand organizational culture and learn about Inside-out approach?

How might we identify your current organizational culture?

How might we consider the whole system when initiating an organizational transformation?

Interaction with the crowd:

Interactive session where the knowledge will be shared, and the crowd will be invited to share their experience and their learning.

During the session, people will have a time to investigate the canvas and share their challenges during the transformation.  o Questions such as:

What were we missing?

What happened

How might we do differently next time?


June 20, 2024
4:15 pm


20 June
Time:  4:15 pm - 4:45 pm


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