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Colleen is a Kanban coach & trainer for Team, Portfolio and Enterprise Kanban Systems. Executive coaching for alignment of Lean & Agile practices to strategic goals & OKRs. Development of end-to-end Kanban Systems that marry Lean Product Discovery and Lean Product Delivery to bring visibility, flexibility and predictability. Application of a systems thinking approach to organizational process improvements with a focus on customer-first principles & actionable metrics

TOPIC:  The Future of Agile is Flow


In the fast moving world of digital transformation, agility has never been more critical. However getting there is often slow, costly, and takes too long to provide value. Join Colleen as she shares how organizations can leverage the power of simple, yet effective practices to optimize the flow of value to customers. Learn why ‘Flow’ – a state where work progresses smoothly and efficiently through all business processes, without bottlenecks or delays- is the critical element missing from most organizations.  Explore how to shift from traditional Agile frameworks to a Flow-centric approach through core practices like continuous delivery, work-in-progress limits, and fast feedback loops. Attendees will learn about simplifying Agile practices for efficiency, leveraging real-world examples to showcase how flow enhances project success rates. Colleen will provide actionable insights for implementing Flow in organizations, addressing the challenges of adoption and measuring success, and ultimately envisioning a future where agility equates to a predictable, efficient, and value-driven workflow.

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